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Overweight and obesity is associated with a higher risk of both morbidity and mortality. For morbidity this has major implications for the quality of life for those affected and it has large impact on societal costs to treatment and rehabilitation after diagnosis. In the Western world the proportion of both children and adults being overweight or obese has been increasing over many years and now represents a major societal challenge.


Both diet, lifestyle and genetic susceptibility are important in the development of overweight and obesity. However, more research is needed to establish general population guidelines to prevent overweight and obesity and also to identify individuals at especially high risk of overweight and obesity for whom personalized initiatives may be an option.


Research on overweight and obesity is focused on:

  • Determinants of overweight and obesity including diet, lifestyle and genetic susceptibility 
  • Associations between overweight/obesity and morbidity/mortality
  • Weight changes and morbidity/mortality