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Sweetness happens in the mind as much as in the mouth

The color and odour of the drink, the music you listen to, the color and design of the bottle, the flavor and texture of the drink itself. A number of factors, not only in the product itself but in the situation, the setting and the surroundings influence how we perceive the taste of any given drink or food product. The project INNOSWEET examines a number of intrinsic and extrinsic factors in sweetness perception in the pursuit of creating new, sugar-reduced beverages that do not compromise with the consumers’ perception of sweetness.

2019.04.08 | Camilla Mathiesen

girl drinking a soda

We eat and drink with all our senses Photo: Colourbox

  People in the Western part of the world consume too much sugar. This has a number of negative consequences for our health. Especially amongst young teenagers whom consume elevated levels of sugar through beverages. This is the societal background for the INNOSWEET project that started in 2017 and runs for 4 years. The scientific partners  participating in the project have taken an unique multidisciplinary approach to influencing sweetness perception whilst lowering sugar content via working with both psychology, physiology and perception and in close collaboration with leading industry partners in the quest to come up with what one might call “Sugar Light products Volume 2.0.”  Read more...  

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