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Food expertise from Eastern Jutland marketed internationally

12 municipalities in East Jutland have initiated a marketing campaign to strengthen the food producers’ opportunities to attract more investors, cooperation partners and labour to East Jutland. Aarhus University is a major partner in this campaign as its innovative environment attracts knowledge intensive companies.

2016.08.08 | Camilla Mathiesen

The development of new dairy products with extended shelf life that may be transported safely for thousands of miles; research in utilizing 200 different types of potato proteins; development of sustainable crops and the utilization of organic waste in biogas production – these are all examples of the initiatives within the food industry in Business Region Aarhus. The aim is to communicate these efforts internationally and to show that East Jutland is home to a significant concentration of expertise, production and innovation within the food area.


More job opportunities and new customers
“Internationally speaking we want the right people to know that we have very strong competences within the food area, and therefore we launch this marketing campaign. One of the aims is to optimally utilize our strengths within the food area”, says Peter Sørensen, mayor in Horsens Municipality and member of the political management in Business Region Aarhus.


The marketing campaign detailing the strengths of East Jutland within the food area was introduced at the annual IFAMA summit meeting in June 2016 in Aarhus. 500 international participants – business people, scientists and students – were gathered to exchange knowledge and discuss the latest trends within the food area. The marketing material is highly relevant for food companies, research and educational institutions as well as Invest in Denmark etc. and will help communicate the opportunities for investors, cooperation partners and talents within the food area in Business Region Aarhus. The material on Business Region Aarhus is available here.


Facts on food in Business Region Aarhus

  • Denmark is the world’s third-largest food cluster, and 33 percent of the total Danish food exports are produced in Business Region Aarhus
  • Business Region Aarhus is home to Europe’s highest concentration of expertise within food value chains – all within one hour’s drive
  • Business Region Aarhus also houses Agro Food Park; 75 companies and 1,000 specialists constitute a vibrant knowledge environment focusing on innovative solutions within the food area.
  • Aarhus University carries out research and educational activities in the entire food chain – ranging from primary production via processing to quality and health properties in food products.


Facts on Business Region Aarhus

  • Business Region Aarhus is a consortium of 12 municipalities in East Jutland, who cooperate to create growth and job opportunities as well as to maintain and strengthen the area’s position as the major Danish growth centre, outside of Copenhagen, with international impact
  • The cooperation partners include the municipalities of Favrskov, Hedensted, Horsens, Norddjurs, Odder, Randers, Samsø, Silkeborg, Skanderborg, Syddjurs, Viborg and Aarhus
  • Business Region Aarhus attends to the interests of East Jutland regarding industrial policy and the promotion of trade focusing specifically on production and knowledge, food and ICT/smart networks and tourism



Knowledge exchange