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2016.01.17 | Research news

Recipes for healthy wholegrain foods

A research project at Aarhus University with focus on wholegrain has culminated in the production of a cook book that gives inspiring recipes for baking with wholegrain that is packed with health-promoting substances.

2016.01.16 | News from the management

New Affiliate Associate Professor in food microbiology

Dieter Elsser-Gravesen, scientist and owner of the company ISI Food Protection, becomes Affiliate Associate Professor in food microbiology at the Department of Food Science.

2016.01.13 | Research news

Milk as a messenger

Human milk contains tiny structures that can carry messages from the mother’s cells to her infant’s cells. Scientists at Aarhus University have studied the structure and function of these nano-packages more closely.

2016.01.11 | Research news

Scientists are paving the way for more sustainable Danish berry production

Blackcurrants, sour cherries and other delicious and healthy Danish berries can become novel ingredients in specialist food products such as wine, vinegar and juice. This is one of the methods used in a new project led by Aarhus University to increase the sustainability of the Danish berry production.

2015.12.08 | Research news

Measurement of volatile organic compounds may reveal wild rocket salad quality

By means of a new method Aarhus University scientists have demonstrated that there is a relation between the quality of packaged wild rocket after harvest and the release of volatile organic compounds. In the long term this new method may be beneficial to the industry as well as consumers.

2015.11.30 | Science and Technology

Aarhus University works towards the formation of a European food alliance

Aarhus University is part of the consortium FoodNexus, which is currently developing an application for the status of a European innovation alliance – a so-called food-KIC. The alliance will connect the private and public sectors within the food industry in Europe, creating more innovation, jobs and better education.

2015.10.27 | Research news

From food waste to food delicacies

Denmark’s enormous food waste can be reduced by a more efficient use of the raw materials. Scientists from Aarhus University are involved in a project that examines how waste from the production of fruit and vegetables can be converted into new types of delicacies.

2015.10.26 | Research news

Divided opinions on vitamin D enrichment

A new study from Aarhus University shows that Danes generally accept food products enriched with vitamin D, but when in the supermarket Danes prefer food products which are not fortified with vitamin D.

2015.10.24 | People

Honorary Professor

Hanne Christine Bertram is appointed Honorary Professor at Aarhus University within “Animal protein functionality, biofunctionality and health”

2015.10.12 | Awards

Aarhus University’s agricultural science research among world elite

The food and agricultural science research carried out at Aarhus University is among the best in the world. It ranks as number nine on the U.S. News Best Global Universities ranking and is thus the best university in Denmark.

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