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2016.03.08 | Research news

EUFRUIT thematic network kick-off in Brussels

Michelle Williams from Department of Food is coordinator of a new multi-layered project to unleash, stimulate and use European research potential for exploiting new opportunities in the fresh produce category

2016.02.22 | Research news

Potatoes as a sustainable alternative to animal protein

Research will make it possible to replace animal protein with potato protein extracted from the production of potato starch. The potatoes will thereby be better exploited and contribute to more sustainable feeding of the world’s growing population.

2016.02.08 | Research news

Polymeros Chrysochou receives a research grant of 1.1 million DKK

The grant from the Fund for Academic Cooperation and Exchange between Denmark and the Arab World will go to a project on branding of Tunesian olive oil

2016.02.05 | Research news

Higher incubation temperature and improved chicken welfare

A new research project will examine whether increased incubation temperatures may reduce the occurrence of leg problems in broilers.

2016.02.02 | Research news

Oregano may reduce methane in cow burps

A new research project aims to reduce methane emissions from dairy cows by up to 25 per cent. This benefits not only the environment, but also arable farmers and milk producers.

2016.02.01 | People

Elite researcher appointed professor at the Department of Food Science

Hanne Christine Bertram has been appointed professor in food metabolomics at the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University.

2016.01.31 | Research news

Mapping the Danes’ kitchen skills

Our knowledge of food and our kitchen skills are highly dependent on our level of income and on whether we have children living at home. This is the result of a study conducted by the MAPP Centre at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University.

2016.01.20 | Meeting

Open seminar on butyrates and metabolic health

Results from the project ButCoIns will be presented at an open seminar. Food companies, clinical dietitians and other health professionals are invited.

2016.01.20 | Workshop

Inaugural Workshop: Bridging the gap between applied plant and food science

Department of Food Science would like to invite you to the inaugural workshop by Professor Carl-Otto Ottosen: Bridging the gap between applied plant and food science.

2016.01.18 | Research news

Wholesome wholegrain

When it is a matter of health, whole grain has the X factor – or rather the BX factor – in the form of a certain group of bioactive compounds called benzoxazinoids, or BX. Scientists from Aarhus University have documented the uptake of these compounds in humans and their possible beneficial effect on the immune system.

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