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2013.10.30 | Research news

Organic vegetable variety range extended

Scientists from Aarhus University are working in close partnership with the industry to extend the range of well-tested organic varieties of vegetables.

2013.10.29 | Research news

Distinguished prize for young researcher

Ulrik Kræmer Sundekilde from the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University has received the ”Danish Young NMR Researcher Prize 2013” from the Danish Instrument Center for NMR spectroscopy of Biological Macromolecules.

2013.10.29 | Research news

Less scab on apples grown under cover

When it rains we get the umbrella to avoid getting wet. It turns out that apples on the tree would also benefit from some kind of cover when it rains – and that this cover also reduces the need for chemicals.

2013.10.29 | Research news

There is more to flavour than taste

Purple, red or white? Fried, baked or boiled? There is a difference in the taste of root vegetables, depending on variety, harvest time and method of preparation. For the first time, a complete description of the sensory characteristics of beetroot and Jerusalem artichoke tubers has been made.

2013.10.29 | Research news

Potatoes against scours in weaned pigs?

Scientists from Aarhus University have tested whether extract of potato protein could be used to prevent scours in young pigs – but the results produced by a foreign research group turned out to be non-reproducible.

2013.10.23 | Research news

Liquid fertilisers to boost the cultivation of organic fruit and vegetables

Scientists at Aarhus University are heading a new research project with fertigation that should result in a larger production of Danish organic fruits and vegetables.

2013.10.15 | Research news

Stevia to be used as a sweetener in organic foods

Scientists from Aarhus University will develop a product based on the South American stevia plant for use as sweetener in organic foods.