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2013.11.28 | Research news

Quality and shelf life of apples and pears can be predicted

The dry matter content of apples and pears gives a clue to their potential quality and shelf life several months before they are picked. This allows the fruit grower to act timeously in order to improve the product.

2013.11.08 | Research news

New remedy to control appetite may be on the way

Spin-off company from Aarhus University examines the potential of protein hydrolysates to prevent obesity and diabetes.

2013.11.01 | Research news

Will a warmer climate be too warm to ensure sufficient winter chill to plants?

Periods of cold, dormancy and warmth at the right time: these are the factors that control most Danish fruiting trees and bushes and cause them to thrive and produce fruit and berries. Climate change could put a stopper to that process.