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A shortage of wheat flour might pave the way for cassava flour, which is part of a research project where baking attributes and sensory quality are to be investigated. Photo: Colourbox

2013.03.27 | Research news

Wheat flour alternative for Brazilian bread

Cassava flour is the way forward in order to ensure the bread production for the Brazilian population. In this project, scientists from Aarhus University will determine the quality and shelf life of bread baked with cassava flour.

Scientists from Aarhus University have published a report which clarifies the concept of food quality.The report describes which documented characteristics can be used as quality parameters and how these quality parameter can be defined. Photo: AU

2013.03.27 | Research news

Food quality is in the eye of the beholder

Scientists at Aarhus University have made a closer study of the concept of food quality. They have concluded that quality can be evaluated both objectively and subjectively, and that it mostly depends on the eye of the beholder.

Scientists from Aarhus University are cooperating with, amongst others, Arla Foods in a new research project where a milk concentrate is produced on-farm in order to save on transport costs and re-use the water from the milk.

2013.03.27 | Research news

Farms to concentrate the milk on the farm

Large dairy farms are looking to concentrate their milk on the farm as part of a new research project with scientists from Aarhus University. This is in order to save on transport costs and thus offer producers a better price for their milk.