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It is important to package fruit and vegetable produce correctly so that it stays fresh and appetizing. Photo: Janne Hansen

2013.01.22 | Research news

Fresh if packaged correctly

Fresh fruit and vegetables have longer shelf-life if packaged correctly. This is the conclusion of a recently completed research project. The results, which can help prevent food wastage, were presented at a seminar in Odense.

Associate professor Carl-Otto Ottosen has already taken the first steps towards the Sino-Danish University collaboration, in having taught at Nanjing Agricultural University in 2012. Photo: Carl-Otto Ottosen

2013.01.21 | Research news

Sino-Danish co-operation on sustainable food production

Research on sustainable food production brings scientists from Aarhus University and Nanjing Agricultural University in China closer together.

The more that is known about milk content and its dynamics the better chances there are to use different types of milk for different purposes. Photo: Colourbox

2013.01.04 | Research news

Milk’s many miracles

New research results show that milk contains even more beneficial substances than known previously. The research indicates that breeding work could be able to bring forth different types of milk for different purposes.