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Health & Food Vision

The organizations behind the Health vision are Aarhus University, Aarhus University Hospital, Agrotech and Information Centre for Agriculture.

The vision is to deliver health solutions through food and activities involve a series of themed health based workshops that focus on bringing together experts and interested food companies. Health based workshops can include such themes as Diabetes Type 2 (workshop held on 29 January, 2013), obesity, heart disease, gut health, etc. Themes are chosen that appeals to a wide range of research capabilities and simultaneously to a number of companies engaged in the research, development and prevention measures within the area.

Success in the health and food area will deliver benefits for society both from preventive and therapeutic approaches. The ambition of the common vision work is to create a new level of collaboration that generates a suite of projects that are successfully funded to support the development and production of novel food commodities with prevention potential.

For more information, please visit Future Food Innovation (in Danish)