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Food Universe

“The ambition is that the Food Universe will create an opportunity for experiences, interaction and communication. Thereby providing an optimum environment for future development and strength of agriculture and food. Food Universe will create a bridge between individuals by strengthening the relationship between consumers and producers. A stronger mutual understanding and increased dialogue will provide the basis for future development and innovation in the Danish agriculture and food sector."

The vision
The vision is to build a food park where agro (agricultural) and food (food) is the focal point for demonstration, innovation and adventurous activities. The working title for the food park is "Food Universe". The park will:

- Strengthen innovation, growth and sustainability in agro and food. Global insight, specialist skills and decision-making are key to strengthening the sustainable solutions to across agriculture, industry, research and Consumers

- Be an international demonstration site for the world's foremost food

- Create the test devices that can provide the framework for a comprehensive cooperation and entrepreneurship between research, business and knowledge-based companies in the agricultural and food

- Lift insight from consumers, who in an engaging and involving way will experience agriculture and food production.

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Presentation about Food Universe - Concept Development Manager Carsten Fricke, Agro Food Park(In Danish)