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The Danish government wants to strengthen growth for the food sector. 
A Growth Team was established with key players from the Danish food sector, the Team was asked to put forwards recommendations on how to strengthen growth in the food area. With background knowledge that the world population is increasing, there is increasing prosperity and there is an overall global need for increased food production.

These challenges places pressure on the world's scarce natural resources including fresh water, arable land and fish stocks and are likely to lead to higher resource and food prices.

Danish businesses currently have leading skills in food production and resource-efficient production solutions. These strengths must be developed and utilized optimally, and new growth opportunities in the food sector must be addressed.

The Growth Team's was asked to focus on how we utilize our potentials, and creating more growth and jobs in the Danish food sector.

Short presentation - rapport from the Growth Team (In Danish)

Final rapport from the Growth Team (In Danish)