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Food4Being is an AU Interdisciplinary Network
supporting university initiatives within the
areas food, nutrition, health and well-being

Arla Food for Health

The centre aims to carry out best-in-class dairy health and nutrition research and become a platform for knowledge sharing, training and education.  

Food Festival

The Food Festival is an
annual gathering point for
everyone interested in food

Food Universe

The Food Universe will be Europe’s
most comprehensive showcase park
for food and agricultural production


A Danish Growth Team has been established
to put forward recommendations on
how to strengthen growth in the food area.

Danish Food Cluster

A cluster environment 
supports the development
of the Danish food industry

Food Venture Forum

A unique platform for companies,
corporations, and investors to exchange
knowledge and build co-operations

Health & Food Vision

A vision to generate projects to support
the development and production of novel
food commodities with prevention potential