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Aarhus University collaborates with a wide range of businesses and stakeholders on research in food. Below you find an overview of our partners.

Future Food & Bioresource Innovation

Future Food & Bioresource Innovation is an innovation environment that will support open, radical innovation in the food & bioresource sector and therefore strengthen regional business growth opportunities with a number of offers to companies and knowledge environments 

Future Food & Bioresource Innovation is focused on strengthening the innovation capacity within the region and ensuring an internationally competitive food & bioresource industry. This will be achieved by bringing together businesses, knowledge experts and users together within the Central Denmark Region. Thus, it develops and commercializes new and innovative products.

The main activities include: 

  • Support for innovation in food & bioresource differentiation pool
  • Internationalization of food & bioresource
  • Courses, workshops, international conference
  • Support for industry focused PhDs
  • New and unconventional collaborative
  • Focus on open and radical innovation
  • Based on market opportunities and business potentials

Visit the website of Future Food & Bioresource Innovation

Central Denmark Region

Central Denmark region is Denmark's strongest region in the food industry and consist of:


  • Approx. 33% of the Danish food production
  • Approx. 25% of the region's total revenue comes from food industry
  • The food industry employs approx. 12% of the total workforce in the region
  • Central Denmark Region delivers the highest percentage of higher education in the food industry, including university graduates, compared to other regions in Denmark
  • Central Denmark Region is the home for the country's largest food companies, and it also contains a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises who strongly contribute to regional development.


An important focus on FOOD

Food production in Central Denmark Region is particularly important for regional business. Food businesses have great potential to develop in the future, but there are also major challenges that must be overcome if the industry's full potential can be reached. In particular, there are challenges in terms of developing new products and technology to the industry to ensure it can deliver sufficient volume of food products to ensure sustainable growth, also in export. Food businesses become more competitive when their products are higher quality, or their packaging becomes more sophisticated, and /or production processes are improved.

Link: www.regionmidtjylland.dk

Agro Food Park

Agro Food Park is an international center for innovation and distribution of knowledge within the agriculture and food sector as well as the associated technology sector.  Agro Food Park was officially opened in 2009. It was established based on the fact that the Danish agriculture and food industry needs to excel within innovation and be in constant development in order to sustain a competitive position compared to the industry in the rest of the world. Denmark cannot compete on low production costs or wages or the production areas, and therefore to be competitive it is of utmost importance to retain a strong focus on: innovation and development.

Agro Food Park wants to create a unique interplay between industry, universities, institutions and investors. The role is to facilitate connections and co-operation between these by creating environments that generates optimum conditions for the sharing of knowledge along with opportunities to make new connections.

On a daily basis, 800 employees spread across 26 companies work in Agro Food Park and offers office space, laboratory and conference facilities at disposal as well.

Link: http://www.agrofoodpark.dk



AgroTech is an Approved Technological Service Institute offering research-based consultancy and technological services. AgroTech unites research and business to create green development and strengthened innovation and competitiveness in the agricultural and food sector. 

Clients include technology suppliers, horticultural nurseries, food companies and primary producers.

AgroTech also work closely with universities and other knowledge institutions.

AgroTech has focused on biomass and bioefficacy, food innovation, green living environments, environmental technology and plant technology. Within these areas, they create business development through knowledge and innovation.

AgroTech has approx. 90 staff located across two sites; a headquarters at the Agro Food Park, Aarhus, and at the KU-LIFE campus in Taastrup. 

More information about AgroTech.

Link: http://www.agrotech.dk/en/about-agrotec

Danish Agriculture & Food Council

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council represents the farming and food industries of Denmark including businesses, trade and farmers’ associations. The Danish Agriculture & Food Council is the result of a merger between the agricultural organizations:

Danish Agriculture,
the Danish Bacon and Meat Council,
the Danish Agricultural Council,
the Danish Dairy Board and Danish Pig Production.

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council

• Promotes political influence on behalf of the agricultural sector
• Offers a comprehensive range of cost-effective services for its members
• Implements research and development programs within food safety and veterinary issues, animal health and productivity, animal welfare, environment and energy.


The Danish Agriculture & Food Council handles the professional interests of its members, including:

• Overall industrial policy and regulatory framework
• Research and innovation policy
• Trade and market policy and the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
• Animal welfare
• Food safety
• Environmental and energy policies


The Danish Agriculture & Food Council owns the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture, which is the research and innovation center for the Danish Agricultural Advisory Service.

Link: http://www.lf.dk/

Agro Business Park

Agro Business Park is a science park with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation within agriculture, food, bioenergy and environmental technologies. Agro Business Park is located right next to AU Foulum.

As an incubator, Agro Business Park offers facilities, network and guidance, which ensure that the potential of each entrepreneur and development department is fully optimized. Their service package, includes reception services, IT, conference rooms, a social and interactive environment. Furthermore, they offer their tenants guidance in business development, financing/accounting, projects, etc. Finally, their many networks and projects provide value to the tenants in Agro Business Park’s incubator environment. 

Link: http://www.agropark.dk/index.php

Aarhus City Council

Aarhus City Council is an active player in building a strong Food Cluster within the mid-Jylland Region. Aarhus City Council supports the initiatives from Central Region Denmark to support the activities connected to the Food Sector and Aarhus University.

Link: www.aarhus.dk/da/omkommunen/english.aspx