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The purpose with the AU Food Platform is:

  • To position AU as a leader in food research and innovation
  • To demonstrate AU's dedication to interdisciplinary research and innovation in food
  • To communicate, connect, facilitate and coordinate food research initiatives and opportunities across AU to increase synergy, impact, investment and growth
  • To strengthen AU's ability to deliver on public service and deliver value for the food industry
  • To propose, develop and provide new education activities in food


  • Platform is led by a Steering Group (established Nov 2012)
  • Steering Group has representatives from four faculties and relevant observers
  • Platform is to report to AU University Leadership
  • Platform creates/eliminates/modifies platform substructures as required
  • To deliver on the Terms on Reference as established by AU Leadership
  • To establish and run the AU FOOD PLATFORM based on the Governance Model established by the AU Leadership