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AU Food Platform - your entry to interdisciplinary food research

AU Food Platform is a joint portal for food research across Aarhus University (AU) faculties. 

The digital portal collects food research, popularly communicated, across all relevant faculties at AU as well as an overview of entry points into food research across AU. This to make it easier for relevant partners within food research and industry to create new connections and collaborations on food research at AU.

Focus on all chains of the food system

At Aarhus University, there is a strong focus on the interdisciplinary cooperation across faculties, not least on food research. The research covers all parts of the Food System. We focus on both food, nutrition, health and sustainability, and cover the entire value chain in the food area - from primary production to processing, distribution, consumer patterns, food and health, recycling and resource optimization.

AU at the center of the Danish food hub 

Aarhus University has a unique combination of competencies and research facilities ranging from research fields and stables at AU Foulum to the brand new Department of Food Science. The department is situated right next to Agro Food Park in Skejby, Aarhus, and houses a number of innovative food companies. The new Aarhus University Hospital is another neighbor of the Department of Food Science and all sums up to Aarhus University being at the heart of the Danish food innovation ecosystem, and having the best conditions to contribute to creating healthy, sustainable and future-proof food solutions.

AU Food Platform is a portal for both researchers, industry partners and students within the food area, alongside everyone in the public who is interested in this rapidly evolving research area.