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2021.06.09 | Conference

Conference on sense of taste and sustainability

How can our sense of taste help ensure new and more sustainable food choices? This is the theme of the innovative and interdisciplinary conference "Creative Tastebuds", which will be held in August as a collaboration between Aarhus University, the research and dissemination centre Smag for Livet and the Institute of Meals. Everyone is welcome -…

2021.05.26 | Research news

Researcher wants to turn stale bread into packaging material

Too much bread ends up in the trash, but what if, instead, it could return to the supermarket in as high-performing and fully biodegradable packaging? In a new project, a researcher from Aarhus University will try to develop a green chemical process that can turn stale bread waste into packaging material. The project has just received 2.9 million…

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2021.05.12 | Research news

Researchers map initiatives against waste in the food chain

A new DCA report maps the latest Danish and international research on initiatives to reduce food waste and food loss. The study is based on results with strong evidence and relevance in a Danish context, and it emphasizes the first four steps in the food value chain: primary production, industry, retail and the service sector.

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2021.05.10 | Research news

Significant differences between Danishes and Chinese in perception of pleasure after a meal

A cross-cultural study accomplished by Aarhus University and Chinese Academy of Sciences compares the drivers of experienced pleasure after a meal among Danish and Chinese consumers. Such differences are important when companies aim to design new foods to be marketed outside Denmark.

2021.05.05 | Research news

DKK 8,4 million for a project combining plant-based food and food waste

How can Denmark adapt to a higher degree of plant-based food, decrease food waste and strengthen green food innovation, thereby supporting sustainable development in the food sector? These questions lie at the heart of a new interdisciplinary research project coordinated by Jessica Aschemann-Witzel, professor at the MAPP Center at the Department…

2021.05.05 | Research news

Why do different wheat cultivars respond differently to climate change?

Global climate change is putting pressure on our wheat crops with rising temperatures, droughts and higher concentrations of CO2, but the different wheat cultivars respond very differently. Researchers from Aarhus University, among others, have come closer to understanding why this is the case - and thereby a step closer to climate-proofing the…