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Roland Weber has been appointed affiliated professor in the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University.

2014.10.10 | People

World expert in horticultural plant pathology affiliated to Aarhus University

Aarhus University has appointed the leading horticultural plant pathology expert Dr. Roland Weber from Germany as Affiliated Professor to the Department of Food Science.

2014.09.23 | Events

ClimaFruit project was showcased as part of European Cooperation Day

The ClimaFruit project led by Department of Food Science was showcased as part of European Cooperation Day at an event hosted by the North Sea Region Secretariat on 21 September in Aarhus

2014.09.17 | Knowledge exchange

Aarhus University represented in Nordmilk Research Network

NordGen - the Nordic Genetic Resource Center - and researchers from the Nordic countries working on phenotypic and genetic characterization of milk of dairy cattle have established a Nordic network on characterization of milk from native Nordic cattle breeds.

The Danish climate is getting a bit too hot for Danish blackcurrant cultivars. Photo: Helle K. Sørensen

2014.08.13 | Research news

Global warming bad news for Danish blackcurrant growers

Climate change is turning out to be bad news for the production of blackcurrants in Denmark. The existing commercial cultivars of blackcurrant do not cope equally well with heat and drought.

Michelle Williams continues as head of the Department of Food Science, Aarhus University. Photo: Aarhus University

2014.07.10 | People

Michelle Williams continues as head of the Department of Food Science

Michelle H. Williams has spearheaded Aarhus University’s Department of Food Science since 2011, and has now been appointed head of department for a five-year period.

Mark Lang from the Department of Food Marketing at Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia saying welcome to all participants.

2014.06.26 | Events

Leading international food researchers convened at Aarhus University

The Department of Food Marketing at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia and MAPP at Aarhus University have successfully hosted the 2014 International Food Marketing Research Symposium. Several leading experts in marketing and food attended the symposium.

Different varieties of rasberry plants react differently to high temperatures. Photo: Aarhus Universitet

2014.05.14 | Research news

Will rasberries suffer from warmer summers?

Summer and sunshine is what raspberries need when they have to set their flowers and delectable berries. But it can also become too hot for the plants, since some of their physiological properties can be affected.

Reducing food loss and waste by 30 percent can reduce the impact on the climate by almost 14,000 tons CO2. Photo: Colourbox

2014.05.06 | Research news

Waste not, want not

A new innovation consortium aims to reduce by 30 per cent the loss and waste from the production of potatoes and vegetables. This will give a much needed boost to the food industry's competitiveness and earnings and make the production more sustainable.

At the Festival of Research Trine Mørk will explain more about the organic consumers of tomorrow. Photo: Colourbox.

2014.04.09 | Research news

Are the organic consumers of the future just a bunch of hippies?

Organic consumers still have a little bit of hippie left in them, and they appear to be compassionate and tolerant people who are keen to protect the environment. But for organic consumers, ecology is also a matter of self-indulgence and personal gratification.

Does it matter if carrots or other foods come from a specific area? Photo: Janne Hansen

2014.03.26 | Research news

Do carrots carry a sense of place?

Does the taste, nutritional value or the perception of the quality of a commodity differ when you know it has come from a certain place? A new report from DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture provides an overview.

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