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Does it matter if carrots or other foods come from a specific area? Photo: Janne Hansen

2014.03.26 | Research news

Do carrots carry a sense of place?

Does the taste, nutritional value or the perception of the quality of a commodity differ when you know it has come from a certain place? A new report from DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture provides an overview.

Vækstforums fødevareråd i Region Midtjylland justerer sin strategi, så den sikrer erhvervet optimale rammer i en globaliseret verden. Niels Halberg, direktør i DCA, sidder i rådet. Foto: AU Kommunikation

2014.03.20 | Knowledge exchange

Fødevaresatsning i nyt gear

Det midtjyske fødevareerhverv skal rustes til et globalt fødevaremarked, hvor der stilles stigende krav om kvalitet og fødevaresikkerhed. DCA er repræsenteret i Vækstforums fødevareråd, der er undervejs med at justere strategien for fødevaresatsningen i Region Midtjylland.

Nudging can lead consumers in a direction in which they buy and eat healthy food. Photo: Colourbox

2014.03.13 | Research news

A nudge towards healthier choices

How do you get consumers to make healthy food choices? By nudging, apparently. Scientists from Aarhus University have reviewed the available literature in the field.

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